Berries Keto Approved With A Bevy Of Benefits

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Berries Keto Approved With A Bevy Of Benefits

Raspberry ketones are well known for being good for fat loss, but berries do so much more for one's health! 

These little babies have some pretty unique benefits that go a long way in keeping the body in prime shape.

For those on the keto diet, the 3 best berries to eat are:

1. Blackberries

2. Raspberries

3. Strawberries

The carbohydrate content of blueberries is greater and not as recommended.

When the hankering for something sweet arises, berries can fill the bill without taking the body out of ketosis. As always though, berries should be eaten in moderation. 

Enjoy the above trio of berries with the following trio of benefits:

Reduce Muscle Soreness

Not only are berries super tasty and full of vitamins and minerals, but they also contain a very good source of complex carbohydrates and provide antioxidant capabilities. 

They can provide all the energy necessary to train with pain-free muscles and still feel refreshed!

Reduce Oxidative Stress

Most chronic diseases are the result of oxidative stress on the body. 

Berries, especially blackberries, have been shown to reduce the effects of oxidative stress better than any other food.

Improve Memory and Mood

Berries can help people feel happier and more vibrant too. 

In fact, berries are a very effective tool for increasing memory and cognition while also having a positive effect on overall mood. 

Eat berries

live longer, stronger, 

and healthier

Get healthy in record time with a customized keto diet plan today...