15 Small Habits That Help With Weight Loss

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When my retired paramedic friend told me the best thing I could do if I wanted to slim down was to increase core body temperature, I thought he was crazy.

But it turns out he wasn't crazy at all.  I was actually crazy for not listening to him sooner.

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15 Small Habits That Help With Weight Loss

1. Cook More

Preparing food at home allows for control of the ingredients. 

Restaurant meals tend to have more calories, salt, and sugar. 

That’s true whether it's a fast food outlet or a fancy bistro.

2. Plan Meals

Write out a menu in advance for daily meals and snacks. 

With just a simple glance, it's easy to tell if all the required nutrients are being consumed.  As a bonus, people who plan meals typically eat less.

3. Stock The Kitchen

Keep healthy snacks on hand, along with staples for light meals. 

Make room for the healthy things by getting rid of junk food.

4. Increase Fiber

Some studies suggest that eating more fiber is the single most significant change most people should make in their diet. 

The top sources include split peas, lentils, and black beans.

5. Boost Protein

Foods rich in protein curb hunger and recharge metabolism. 

Plus, the body has to burn more calories to digest them, compared to carbohydrates and fats. Include some protein in each meal and snack.

6. Eat Breakfast

Refueling in the morning helps prevent excessive eating later in the day. 

Start out with something hearty and nutritious, like Greek yogurt with berries and nuts or a bean burrito.

7. Add Supplements

Probiotic supplements can reduce fat mass.  Lactobacillus strain is a good bacterium.

They are the microorganisms inside our body that help break down food and absorb nutrients.

While whole foods work best, supplements can help fill in what our diet lacks.  A really good one is the ProVen nutritional complex that contains 20 powerful ingredients that help purify the body.

8. Control Portions

Forbidden foods can become so tantalizing that they lure people away from a healthy diet. 

Reduce serving sizes so favorite treats can be enjoyed from time to time without any guilt.

9. Focus On Whole Foods

Make vegetables, fruits, and other natural foods the stars of any diet. 

Cutting back on packaged items will eliminate most empty calories.

10. Drink Water

Quench thirst with plain water and tea instead of beverages loaded with calories. 

Staying hydrated facilitates digestion.

11. Be Mindful

Slow down and pay attention to what's on your plate.  Enjoy it. 

By slowing down, it's easier to notice feeling full instead of continuing to eat and being over-stuffed.

12. Be Consistent

A successful exercise plan requires being able to stick to it. Select enjoyable activities and invite a friend to join in. 

To lose weight, aim for at least 250 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise a week (about 35 minutes per day).

13. Build Muscle

Increasing muscle mass enables the body to burn more calories even at rest. 

Lift weights, do squats and pushups, or perform other bodyweight exercises.

14. Move The Entire Body

Speaking of squats and pushups, devote most of a workout to whole body exercises. 

They’ll burn more calories than smaller movements like bicep curls.

15. Train In Intervals

High intensity interval training pays off. Alternate between brief bursts of intense activity and even briefer rest periods. 

For example, run for a few minutes during the middle of a walk.

Eat, drink, and work out healthier one small step at a time.

It's completely possible to shed weight without disrupting a current lifestyle or feeling deprived.

And be sure to start every day with this simple morning metabolism trigger.

Some adults lose weight through intermittent fasting or becoming a vegan.  Others try to make such major changes, but they start missing their afternoon candy bar or craving butter.

Pretty soon, they revert to their old habits, and wind up gaining back the pounds they lost and more.

Those who are tired of watching their weight fluctuate may need a more gradual approach.

With a little bit of time, small changes can add up and make a big difference.

In fact, minor adjustments are often more sustainable, because they easily fit into any diet or exercise routine.

Here are 15 small habits that help with weight loss.